The Checkup: 5 Common Injury-Causing Exercises Fitness Pros Won’t Do

And more healthy headlines that caught our eye this morning.



• If you’re a fan of box jumps and ab twists, read this: They’re on a list of exercises that so commonly result in injury, some fitness experts refuse to do them. [Yahoo Health

• Ditch the bottled salad dressings for good: Check out this handy guide to making your own at home with just a few ingredients and endless combinations. [Food Network]

• Here’s a cute new idea for a fitness tracker: a happy little robot that will cheer you on to meet your goals. [Fast Company]

• Hate spending time in the kitchen? I feel ya. Here are 31 healthy recipes that require absolutely no cooking whatsoever. [Greatist]

• The wave of the future: Farmers are trying to figure out ways to grow gluten-free wheat. (Yes, you read that right.) [TIME]

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