The Checkup: 51 Realistic Weight-Loss Tips from People Who Have Been There

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• I spent this past Saturday at a trampoline arena and had the most fun (and got the greatest workout) I’ve had in a while. So my favorite tip from this list has to be this: “Do something fun and call it a workout.” That and 50 more weight-loss tips from real people who’ve lost weight themselves. [BuzzFeed]

• If your freezer is home to a steady rotation of frozen Trader Joe’s meals, you could probably use these: 32 seriously awesome (and short!) cooking videos for the person who has “zero time to cook.” [Greatist]

Going to the dermatologist online is now a thing, and this acne-prone woman kindly tried it out so you don’t have to. [Refinery29]

• Apparently beef jerky is the next healthy snack trend. Of course, it’s organic, grass-fed, preservative-free, gluten-free beef jerky — but still … it’s beef jerky. [Well + Good]

• Your ticket to feeling like Superman for a few minutes today? This Superman Push-up. [Men’s Health]

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