The Checkup: The Most Addictive Foods, According to Science

And more health headlines that caught our eye this morning.



• Researchers at the University of Michigan just released the results of a new study, pegging what they say are the most addictive foods we pile on our plates. (Their results probably won’t surprise you.) [Science Daily]

• These mouthwatering winter salads prove that greens aren’t always needed. [New York Times]

• WHOA! This woman has generated enough trash in the past two years to fit inside of a … small Mason jar. Seriously! Read about how she’s (almost) waste-free. [Well + Good]

• So what do Americans really think about vaccination? The results of a new poll may surprise you. [Reuters]

• When’s the last time you spent serious time in a sauna? Thought so. New research points to a correlation between sauna use and longevity — in other words, spending time in a sauna could help you live longer. Convinced? [TIME]

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