The Checkup: The $10,000 Treehouse Tent You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

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• If you thought summer camp for adults was cool, how about this spherical tent you can pitch in a tree to satisfy all your latent and unrealized childhood treehouse desires? (It’s worth every penny.) [Outside Magazine]

• Whether you’re just getting started on the whole breakfast-smoothie train or you’re an old pro with an arsenal of recipes at your disposal, these seven essential rules for optimal smoothie making are worth a refresher. [Cooking Light]

• Feeling run down today? One of these could be why: 14 reasons you feel tired All. The. Time. [Health]

• Yum-o. These surprisingly satisfying 100-calorie snacks are sure to make your mouth water. [Greatist]

• Sure, you could have this spiced honey-broiled grapefruit for breakfast, but I might just go ahead and have it for dessert. Or maybe both. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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