Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Power-Through Beats from Amrita Yoga’s Emile Sorger



About two years ago, at my first hot yoga class with instructor Emile Sorger at Fishtown’s Amrita Yoga & Wellness, I was pretty sure I was going to faint, puke or melt before the class ended. Then, like a gift from the heavens, Imagine Dragons’s “Radioactive” started playing. Immediately, I was all, “Hey, I’m radioactive!” and I was able to bounce back for the last four minutes of class. I walked out of the studio thinking, “Dang, that guy knows how to make a workout playlist.” (And also, “I hope I don’t run into anyone I know on the way home. I will probably puke on them.”)

So this week, inspired by Emile’s ability to help me bounce back from what I thought was the Land of No Return, I recruited him to put together a workout playlist for you guys. Let me tell you: It does not disappoint. This playlist is filled with some of Emile’s favorite songs to sweat to—and if you’re a regular in his class, you probably recognize a few of them. Whether you’re hitting the trails for a long run or getting your at-home yoga practice on, this playlist will help you push through to the end. Happy sweating!

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