The Checkup: 9 Crazy-Effective Glute Exercises You’ve Never Tried



• When’s the last time you did a Rear Raiser? Or a Burpee Bonus? Thought so. Try out these 9 ridiculously effective glute exercises this week; you won’t be sorry. [My Fitness Pal]

• Have some gluten-free baking in your future? Consult this glossary of GF-friendly flours and get the lowdown on their best uses and how to store them. [Self]

• As we head into the busy holiday season, when we want to do anything but work, I think all our bosses probably want us to read this: how to stop procrastinating—for good. [TIME]

• If you don’t pack this in your lunch every day, you’re missing out: This one food item can stave off hunger for hours. [Food 52]

• When nutritionists go grocery shopping, here’s what they fill their cart with. (Hint: It’s probably not what you’d expect.) [Men’s Health]

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