The Checkup: 8 Foods You Will Positively Ruin If You Store Them in the Fridge



• We all know tomatoes shouldn’t go in the fridge (right?). But chances are, you’re storing most of the other foods on this do-n0t-refrigerate-ever list all wrong. [Food Network]

• Diets, shmiets. Who needs ’em when you have this arsenal of science-backed nutrition tips at your fingertips? Follow these tried-and-true non-diet rules, and the pounds will melt off before you know it. [Yahoo Health]

• A-ha! It is possible to cook a healthy meal for one! Check out these 29 single-serving recipes. [Greatist]

• Yes, ladies, you really do have a better sense of smell than your male friends. Science may have figured out why. [Science of Us]

• Why—and how—you should head uphill for your next training session. Remember: Hills are your friends. [Q by Equinox]

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