The Checkup: The Ultimate Trader Joe’s Halloween Costume



• If you’re feeling the last-minute Halloween-costume crunch, fret not. This DIY costume idea, tailor-made for the diehard Trader Joe’s apologists among us, is both easy to throw together and totally eco-friendly. Plus, it’s kind of hilarious. [The Kitchn]

• These, right here, are Americans’ five biggest fears. Did any of your phobias make the cut? [Science of Us]

• Why you should try a seven-day sleep cleanse. Yes, sleep cleanse. [GQ]

• Say it with me, people: Fat is your friend—at least, when it comes to these nutrient-packed high-fat foods. [Huffington Post Healthy Living]

• What “eating clean” actually means. (You know you’ve been wondering.) [Fitness]

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