This Is Why You Need to Go to Philly Mag Shops


Well, hello there! I’m Emily (yep, there are two of us here), and I’m the editor over at Be Well Philly’s sister blog Shoppist. I’m hosting our second annual Philly Mag Shops event, and it’s going to be amazing. And, once again, Be Well Philly told me that I could post about it here if I somehow tied it in to being fit, healthy and, well, well. So here goes:

Shopping releases endorphins. (I assume this is true.) Endorphins are also released when you run. Ergo, shopping is very similar to running. And there will be some things you can buy at the event that you surely can wear to exercise. Or at least throw on post-workout. And the space is very large, so you will do a lot of walking.

Okay, I’ve made my case. Onward! Philly Mag Shops is basically all of the best Philly boutiques, all gathered in one spot, and all selling in-season goods at ridiculously discounted prices, for one day only.

The Details: 

  • Sunday, October 5th, from 12-3pm, at Crane Arts, Philadelphia
  • Over 30 of Philly’s top boutiques and designers
  • 40% off ALL boutique clothing
  • 30% ALL accessories (think: belts, bags, shoes, scarves, home goods)
  • 25% ALL jewelry (we’ve got TownHome, Concrete Polish, John Wind, Menagerie and Bario Neal coming!)
  • Food, cocktails, and all the freebie beauty treatments you could want (including nail art and a braid bar!)

Tickets are $25, and then it’s all the shopping you could ask for! You in? Get tickets here, and I can’t wait to see you there!

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