BeWOW: The Ultimate Calorie-Burning Commercial-Break Workout

Good news, guys: There are tons of awesome fall TV show premieres this week. (The Biggest Loser premiere party, anyone?) But we all know what that means: so many good shows to watch, so little time to exercise, right? Well, not so fast—this week, we’ve got a great workout that allows you to watch all of your favorite shows and squeeze in a killer workout, too.

Here’s the deal: You’ll get to watch all the season premieres your heart desires, because you’re going to squeeze in your workout during the commercial breaks. During each commercial break, you’ll do a circuit of five exercises as many times as you can. Once the show comes back on, you’ll rest. You’ll repeat this during each commercial break until the show is over. The best thing about this workout? The more TV you watch, the harder your workout will be. Talk about a win-win, huh? Happy sweating, Be Wellers!

BeWOW: The Ultimate Calorie-Burning Commercial-Break Workout 


Here are the exercises:

10 squats
10 push-ups
10 crunches
10 stationary lunges
Run up and down the stairs once (If you don’t have stairs, do 30 jumping jacks or mountain climbers)

Explanation of exercises
*Click the links below for video how-tos

Squat: Stand with your feet just a bit wider than shoulder widt and your toes slightly turned outward. Keeping your weight in your heels, bending at the knees and lower until your quads are parallel to the floor. Keep your back as upright as possible. Straighten legs and come back to the starting position.

Push-up: Start lying face down with your chest on the floor, with hands facing forward and palms down in line with your shoulders; elbows should be pointing back. Push up until arms are extended (the inside of the elbow should be facing forward) and drop back down.

Crunches: Get in sit-up position, with knees bent and hands behind the head. Without pulling the neck, squeeze your abs and sit halfway up. Hold for a beat, and return to starting position.

Stationary lunge: With hands on hips, step forward with your right foot. Drop your left knee down to the floor, until your right knee forms a 45 degree angle. Straighten both legs then drop again. Repeat with left leg in front.

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Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every week right here on Be Well Philly.

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