The Complete Guide to the Philly 10K for Runners and Spectators



Ahhhh! It’s almost here! The Philly 10K is coming up this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re planning on running or spectating, here’s everything you need to know, from how to get to the starting area to where the Porta Potties will be (important!) to which coffee shops along the course will be open (you’re welcome, spectators!).

When is the Philly 10K and what time does it start?

The race is this Saturday, September 6th, at 7:30 a.m.

Where is the start/finish area? 

The Passyunk Square neighborhood is where you’ll start and finish. The starting line is at East Passyunk Avenue and Reed Street, and the finish line is just a few blocks south at Tasker and 8th streets. The finish line festival is at Tasker and East Passyunk. Here’s a map that shows it all.

How can I get to the starting line?

I would you encourage you not to drive and park in the neighborhood, if at all possible. Unlike a lot of other Philly races, this one takes place in a dense residential neighborhood where street parking can be hard to come by. Your best bet is taking the subway. The closest stops are Ellsworth-Federal and Tasker-Morris on the Broad Street Line. Biking to the start line is also encouraged (though, you might have to get creative with bike parking, too).

What’s the weather supposed to be like? 

It’s looking pretty good as of now! The folks at are calling for the possibility of thunderstorms, but not until late in the day, so you should be a-okay in the morning, with sunshine and clouds. The high for the day is 90, but again in the wee hours of the morning you should dodge the hottest heat. Humidity will be at 72 percent. We should note that the race is, obviously, a rain-or-shine event.

When and where is bib pickup?

It starts tonight! You can get your bib at the Italian Market at 9th and Montrose tonight (Thursday) from 5 to 8:30 p.m. and tomorrow, Friday, from noon to 6 p.m. In addition to your bib, you’ll get your shirt and runner’s bag. There will also be vendors selling food and beer, music, and other race merch for purchase.

If you can’t pick up your bib, you can have someone else pick it up for you. They will need either an email from you giving them permission to pick up your bib, your original confirmation email, or a picture of your ID (a picture on your phone or a photocopy are both fine).

Will there be bag check at the race for runners? 

Yup. In the runner’s bag you’ll get at bib pickup, there will be a bag-check ticket. Bag check will be hosted at Sweat Fitness at East Passyunk and Greenwich Street. It’s the yellow flag on the map here.

Where will the corrals and Porta Potties be? 


Will there be water stops along the course?

Yep! In fact, Be Well Philly is manning one of them outside of Prohibition Taproom at 13th Street near Spring Garden Street. It’s just before you get to Mile 3. The other is at 4th and Bainbridge at Mile 5.

What’s going to be happening at the Finish Line Festival? 

So glad you asked! There will be tons of vendors handing out fun stuff. Every runner will get a free Shake Shack custard infused with Termini cannolis. And runners over 21 will also get one free official Philly 10K beer. Your bib includes vouchers for both of these. Beyond that, other vendors will be handing out freebies and selling food and drink. Be Well Philly will be there with snacks and giveaways while supplies last, and we’ll be raffling off tickets to a few sweet upcomimng Philly Mag events. Drop by and say hi!

I’m going to watch the race. Where should I stand and cheer? 

This course makes it easy to watch from pretty much anywhere because it goes through lots of neighborhoods where people actually live. Here’s the course map for your reference. There will be an official cheer station at 8th and Tasker to cheer on runners at the finish line. And remember, spectators, you’re there to cheer, clap and scream your heads off. If you need pointers about how to be one badass spectator, check out this post.

Um, about that coffee you were talking about … ?

Thanks for the reminder! If you’re getting up at the crack of dawn to watch 3,000 runners run by you while you scream your face off (see above), you totally deserve coffee. We sleuthed out all the coffee shops along the course that’ll be open when the race starts for your caffeine-fueled convenience. Enjoy! (And for any runners who want a pre-race jolt, there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts at the starting line at 10th and Reed, and Black and Brew a few blocks south at East Passyunk and Cross streets.)

Benna’s Cafe
8th and Wharton streets

Federal Donuts
1219 South 2nd Street

Old City Coffee
221 Church Street

Red Hook Coffee and Tea
765 South 4th Street

Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop
325 Chestnut Street

Anthony’s Italian Coffee House
903 South 9th Street

Cafe Twelve
212 South 12th Street

South Street Philly Bagels
613 South 3rd Street

Cafe Olé
147 North 3rd Street

Black & Brew
1523 East Passyunk Avenue

Vic’s Coffee Shop
Tasker and 8th Streets

Dunkin’ Donuts
• 4th and Spring Garden
• Walnut and Juniper
• Broad and Christian
• 10th and Reed (right at the starting line!)

• South and 4th
• 13th and Chestnut
• 12th and Market
• 3rd and Arch

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