Your Weekend Workout Playlist: “Shake It Off” Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been getting a lot of hate this week. And a lot of love, depending on whom you ask. Her latest music video for “Shake It Off,” the first single off her to-be-released new album 1989, has everybody talking, with some saying it’s racist, some saying it’s not. Others are saying it’s “got a great tan-to-party ratio” (that’s apparently a good thing) and still others say it’s almost too perfect” for a pop song.

Here’s the thing: I don’t particularly care if you like her new song or not. It’s not even on the playlist this week. The point of this week’s sweat-tastic playlist is to take a cue from Taylor, who, I’m positive, is spending a lot of time this week trying to shake off her haters. To wit: I want you to shake off this almost-over workweek and dance a little! See what I did there?

Below is two-plus hours worth of music meant to get you moving, grooving and, most important, smiling. TGIF, y’all. Let’s shake it off.

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