The Checkup: The Four-Minute Workout That Burns and Tones with One Exercise



• If you’ve got a busy week ahead, put this workout in your back pocket. It entails just one exercise, repeated in work-rest intervals, for a power-packed sweat session that hits your cardio and conditioning needs in just four minutes flat. Really! [Los Angeles Times]

• This is exactly what you want to hear on a Monday: a very convincing argument why we should all work less and play more. [The Atlantic]

• Turns out, your dentist may either be completely wrong or completely right about the best way to brush your teeth. Yeah, we’re confused, too. [TIME]

• Meet the woman who is running 53 marathons in 53 days. [Shape]

• The foam roller explained: Roll out your sore, tired muscles from every conceivable angle. [Men’s Journal]

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