The Checkup: 9 Tricks to Becoming a Committed Morning-Workout Person



• If you’re not one of those “spring out of bed and chirp with the birdies like a Disney princess” type of people, I’m with you—I’m so not a morning person. But in the interest of fitting in a workout (and getting it out of the way!), here’s how to become a committed morning-workout person, even if you’re not a fan of mornings. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Apparently, there’s a pop-up gym at the airport. And it might be here to stay. [News + Opinion]

• If you’re in the market for new running kicks, here are Runner’s World’s favorites of the year so far. [Runner’s World]

• Baffled by TRX? Here are five easy-to-replicate TRX moves to get you started. [Greatist]

• Did you know you can be allergic to hair dye? Me neither! [Health]

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