PA Among Top 15 States Where People Walk the Most



Consumer electronics company, Withings, which makes activity trackers, analyzed user data to find the states where residents log the most steps each day. Guess what? Pennsylvania made the cut, at #7 out of 15.

The company found that residents of our state average 4,818 steps per day. With there being roughly 2,000 steps in a mile, this means Pennsylvanians average nearly 2.5 miles each day on foot. Not bad!

New York took the #1 spot, with residents logging 5,039 steps; that’s 221 more steps than Pennsylvanians. Also beating us out were Californians (4,922 steps); Washingtonians (4,913); Minnesotans (4,894); Connecticuters (Is that was you call someone from Connecticut? Whatever. They walk 4,879.); and Oregonians, with whom we technically tied with 4,818 steps, but I guess they kind of beat us out because 4.1 percent of their adults walk to work, while only 3.9 percent of ours do.

Check out the full results here. And for tips on how to turn a walk into a serious sweat session, head over here.

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