BeWOW: Pick-Your-Distance Trail Running Workout

Our latest Be Well Workout of the Week.


For this week’s workout, we’re using a running trail. Now, we’re guessing you already have a favorite running spot but, if not, we’ve got a ton of great local trails for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a trail, grab a running buddy and get ready to sweat.

For the workout, you’re going to pick landmarks along the trail, like trees, or rocks, or the person running in front of you. After you’ve chosen a landmark, you’ll do an all-out sprint to that spot. Then, once you reach the landmark, you’ll pick another point in the distance, and jog until you get there. Then, you’re going to pick another landmark and sprint to it. You’ll do this, picking your landmarks and switching between sprinting and jogging, for the entire course of the workout.

The really nice thing about this week’s workout, is that you get to choose how long your run is. Before you start, just decide how long you’d like to spend on the trail—maybe it’s your 30-minute lunch break or 45 minutes or 51 minutes? Who knows? It’s up to you. Just make sure to set your stop watch, and don’t stop your workout until your alarm goes off. Good luck!

BeWOW: Pick-Your-Distance Trail Running Workout

Warm up: 5-minute jog
Alternate between sprinting and jogging: 20 minutes to an hour (your choice)
Cool down: 5-minute walk and stretch


Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every Monday right here on Be Well Philly.

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