Watching the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup Match Today? Turn It Into a Workout


Fans in Philly watching the World Cup at the Piazza.

Skipping your lunch-break workout to watch the U.S. versus Germany game today? Here’s a thought: Why not put the two together? You can turn your World Cup watch party into a mini sweat session, with a few exercises that won’t pull your eyes from the screen. Here’s how, thanks to our World Cup Fitness Game.

The U.S. vs. Germany World Cup Fitness Game

The rules: Perform the prescribed exercises below when you observe the following during today’s World Cup match. 

When the U.S. gets a corner kick: Do two tuck jumps.

When Germany gets a corner kick: Do five squats.

During the entirety of injury time: Do jumping jacks.

If the score is still 0-0 at the half: Do five burpees during halftime.

Whenever either team misses a goal: Do five (each side) forward lunges.

Whenever either team scores a goal: Do five (each side) lateral lunges.

Anytime a player of either team gets a yellow card: Do 10 (total) standing ab twists.

Anytime a player of either team gets a red card: Do 10 (total) standing toe touches, alternating sides.

For every off-sides call: Do five squat jumps.

Anytime a player does a header: Do 10 seconds of high knees.

Whenever the ref makes a bad call (you know it’s going to happen): Do a 30-second wall sit.

Anytime a player takes a dramatic fall—then gets up five seconds later and continues playing: Do 10 (total) reverse lunges, alternating sides.

Anytime you hear the crowd chanting, “I believe that we will win!”: Sprint in place until they stop.

If the U.S. advances to the Round of 16: Jump up and down, and celebrate wildly.

If the U.S. doesn’t advance: Well … let’s not even go there.

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