The Checkup: 3 Super Effective Machines at the Gym You Should Stop Ignoring



• When’s the last time you did a really good workout on a rower? Scratch that: When’s the last time you used a rower at all? It’s one of three super-effective machines at the gym people always ignore, but shouldn’t. [Women’s Health]

• A four-move, fat-blasting workout you will literally race to finish (and it’ll hurt so good!). [Men’s Health]

• Aw. This interview with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, who is apparently super into trail running, sort of makes me pine for all the things I listened to in college. [Competitor]

• Is the NuvaRing as scary as people say? Maybe. [Vanity Fair]

• Ew. Your doctor’s stethoscope is filthy, apparently. [Prevention]

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