The Checkup: The 10-Minute Arm-Toning Workout You Have to Try



• The biggest reason women avoid the weights area at the gym? They don’t have a clue what to do with there. This easy-to-follow, 10-minute arm circuit takes out the guesswork. And, hey, toned, sculpted arms are your payoff—we’ll take it. [Fitsugar]

• YES! I found a way to eat Nutella and not feel guilty about it—17 ways in fact. This is a glorious day. [Greatist]

• So this is why you can’t seem to get anything done: You check your phone 80 times a day, according to a new study. That’s once every 12 minutes, on average. Talk about a time-suck. [Prevention]

• No surprise here: People gain the most weight on the weekends, a new study says. [Newsmax Health]

• And here’s how your weight translates to dollars and cents. (Hint: The heavier you are, the greater your healthcare costs.) [Men’s Health]

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