The Checkup: 10 Things You Do That Drive Your Yoga Teacher Bonkers



• I’m certain your yoga teacher has seen it all. But if we had to peg handful of things that really drive her up a wall, it would be these 10 annoying behaviors perpetrated by yoga students everywhere. Don’t be one of the annoying ones, Be Wellers—take note. [The Yoga Blog]

• Speaking of yoga, here are two new things science proves it does for you: It decreases fatigue by 57 percent and body inflammation by 20 percent. Hollerrrr! [Prevention]

• Mattel’s lead Barbie designer explains why the doll’s body proportions are so out of whack. (Spoiler: It’s to make the clothes fit! Do you buy it?) [Fast Company]

• Good lord. American teenagers are ingesting way more sodium than they should—twice as much, in fact, as the daily recommended intake. [HealthDay]

• I like this: How to set goals the right way (i.e. to give yourself a chance at actually achieving them, for once). [Greatist]

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