The Checkup: The Smart New Way to Use a Foam Roller for Building Muscle



• Get this: Your foam roller isn’t just for massaging tired muscles. Here’s how to use it to build muscles as part of killer strength-training routine. (Best part? The only other equipment required is a set of dumbbells!) [Women’s Health]

• If there’s one exercise to do everyday, it’s the good ol’ plank: It works pretty much every muscle from head to toe using only your own body weight. Try this five-minute plank workout for an even better burn. [Huffington Post]

• Useful! Your food processor can make your life in the kitchen a heckuva lot easier—here’s how. [The Kitchn]

• Got treadmill fatigue? These six easy-to-follow treadmill workouts—from hills to intervals to conditioning—should keep things interesting. [Running On Real Food]

• How to keep all your bodily organs young. (Did you know they age at different rates?) [Q by Equinox]

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