The Checkup: Rejoice! The Coffee/Dehydration Thing Is a Total Myth



• Ah ha! Coffee is not the hydration enemy! A new study found that guzzling lots of caffeine doesn’t actually leave you parched for water, despite all those coffee/dehydration rumors you’ve heard. [Runner’s World]

• If breakfast is a constant conundrum for you, I have one word for you: s.m.o.o.t.h.i.e. Here’s a handy list of 11 things to have at home to build an amazing smoothie. [Well + Good NYC]

• What?! Gym hair that’s actually adorable? [The Zoe Report]

• And now for 10 reasons why heavy weight lifting is terrible for women. (Relax. It’s a joke! And a hilarious one, at that.) [Lift Big, Eat Big]

• Which non-aluminum deodorants (a.k.a. “hippie deodorants”) actually work? One writer tried out 11 of them. [New York Magazine]