Is TIME’s New Diet Quiz Total Crap?

We think so.



Taking TIME Magazine’s “Find The Best Diet For Your Personality” quiz is kind of like taking Cosmo‘s “What Kind Of Female Are You?” quiz: You suspect that the results might be worthless. But still, how can you resist? TIME‘s three-question quiz (suspiciously short, no) determines your ideal diet, matching your personality to one of five popular diets like Mediterranean or gluten-free. I’ll give them this: The concept is pretty neat. I mean, with 2,798,749,218 diet options out there, who wouldn’t want to be paired up with their perfect match? So it’s too bad that you can’t actually count on this quiz for any real dieting insight.

You’re probably thinking, “Geez, this lady is cynical.” And I totally am. Here’s why: According to the quiz, the lean-meat-loving Paleo diet and I are the perfect match. But as a vegetarian who whimpers at the mere thought of giving up carbs, I have to disagree. And Be Well editor Emily’s results were even less convincing: The quiz is one of those “If you got mostly B’s, you’re a…”, but her answers were three different letters, meaning she couldn’t even find a match. Where’s the use in that?

But don’t let my cynicism ruin your fun. Take the quiz here and answer the question for yourself: Is TIME‘s quiz a complete waste of time? Then let us know what you think in the comments section below.