Could You Run in High Tops? Check Out Nike’s SneakerBoot

These shoes, right here, are technically minimalist running shoes.

I know, I know, seems like an oxymoron, right? High-top sneaks that play for the barefoot team? They’re Nike’s Free Run 2 SneakerBoot, released in the fall, and according to the company’s website they’re meant to “cut through the cold. The Nike Free Run 2 SneakerBoot combines the grace of the Free Run 2 with boot-inspired additions for comfort in any condition.”

Interesting, no?

I guess it’s a hard concept for me to grasp, since in my former-high-school-basketball-player mind, high tops = hoops, not running. But I guess … maybe?

What do you think? Check out the other women’s colors below and take our poll. And if you want ’em, Nike is selling them for $125 for men and women.

POLL: Do you think these shoes are awesome or awful?