Beat the Polar Vortex with These 8 Warming Crock Pot Recipes



It is absolutely freezing outside. And after a long day at work and a windy commute home, it’s pretty much impossible to think about anything else besides curling up under a blanket in your favorite pair of fleece pajamas. Am I right? Luckily, these super-hearty recipes don’t require much attention. Plus, most of these recipes make enough for a week’s worth of lunches!

Here’s what I propose: Sneak home at lunch, throw the ingredients into your Crock Pot, turn it on high, and four hours later—voila! You’ve got yourself a slow-cooked, super-flavorful dish that’ll warm you from the inside out. Now, that’s my kind of cooking.

Thai Green Curry Chicken
via Slender Kitchen

This is the perfect recipe for warming up on a chilly winter night. Best of all, it’s only five Weight Watchers points!

Coffee-Braised Pot Roast with Caramelized Onions
via Eating Well

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I can’t wait to try this low-sodium recipe that uses a fresh-brewed coffee marinade.

Moroccan Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots
via Fitness Magazine

This pot roast infuses the flavors of cinnamon, cumin and red wine that results in a flavor-packed meal.

Hearty Crock Pot Porridge
Be Well Philly recipe

Start this porridge tonight for a yummy and sustaining breakfast tomorrow, courtesy of Be Well Philly’s own recipe guru, Becca Boyd.

Chicken Cacciatore
via Skinny Taste

This low-calorie tomato-and-pepper-based sauce provides the perfect topping to any pasta dish.

Chicken Barley Stew
via Clean Eating

A hearty and healthy stew that reportedly helped one of Clean Eatings readers lose 200 pounds!

Smoky Chipotle Chili
via Health Magazine

This chipotle-packed recipe will add a healthy kick to any meal.

Apple Confit
via Eating Well

We’ve finally found it! A 98-calories-per-serving dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling guilty.

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