The Checkup: The 16-Minute, No-Equipment Workout You Can Do Anywhere

• In a time crunch? Don’t nix your workout just because you don’t have time to work out. Try this total-body burn you can do anywhere, any time in just 16 minutes. Check out the video above, then click through to see the smart strategy behind this effective workout. [Q by Equinox]

• Three cheers for sweet potatoes! Here’s how they can make you a better runner. [Runner’s World]

• Hey Philly cyclists, how trustworthy are your locks? Bicycling magazine tested a few top brands to find the best and worst bike locks on the market. [Bicycling]

• I’ve always wondered if compression gear actually speeds post-workout recovery like it claims to. Now, an answer (sort of): A new study put it to the test. [Prevention]

• If your runs have officially moved indoors for the season (boo, I know—but it was bound to happen sometime), try this up-and-down treadmill workout to keep things interesting. [POPSUGAR Fitness]