Shake Shack Running Club Moves One Monthly Run to West Philly

I love that Shake Shack’s Shack Track and Field running club has taken off—like, reeeeeally taken off, to the point that program, which started in Philly, has now expanded to New York City, Miami and Washington, D.C. Hollerrrrrr.

If you’re a regular participant, take note of these logistical changes: The club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, as it has since March when it began. But here’s the big change: On the second Tuesday, runs will begin at Philadelphia Runner’s West Philly location (3621 Walnut Street) and end at Shake Shack University City. On the fourth Tuesday, they’ll start and end at Shake Shack Center City. So to recap: You’re in West Philly on the second Tuesday and Center City on the fourth Tuesday. Got that? Go set a calendar reminder right now before you forget.

The runs are open to all ages and abilities, and typically last between 45 minutes and an hour. Participants get a complimentary drink of choice post-run, and you’re encouraged to stick around, hang out, and enjoy a burger and milkshake. Hey, you earned it.