The Checkup: 78 Percent of You Would Rather Have Coffee Than Sex



• So apparently, everyone loves coffee. A LOT. Would you give up sex if it meant keeping your morning cup of joe? [Jezebel]

Juice bars are all the craze. And boy, are they convenient! I mean, who has time to peel an orange, anyway? But is this “healthy” habit raising your odds for type 2 diabetes? This study says yes. [Greatist]

• Can’t sleep? Chow down on these goodies. [Refinery29]

• Number one reason why you should sign up for a meditation class, pronto: New research shows that stress can significantly increase the risk of dementia. [Prevention]

• Remember when fruit leather was all the rage? You might not, because it was a reallllly long time ago. But you can bring fruit leather back with this super easy recipe! And go ahead and change the name while you’re at it. Because, ew …”fruit leather.” [POPSUGAR Fitness]