Bike Coalition to Amtrak: We Want Better Bike Parking at 30th Street Station


If you’ve ever tried to park your bike at 30th Street Station, you know what a cluster it can be: bikes jammed like sardines in the racks or locked to anything in sight that won’t move. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia feels your pain. Fueled by cyclists’ feedback in a survey last fall, which overwhelmingly pointed to a need for better bike parking at transit centers—and particularly 30th Street Station—BCGP just launched a campaign and petition to lobby Amtrak to install more and better bike racks, according to Plan Philly.

The petition reads as follows:

To: Amtrak

30th Street Station must be better equipped and managed to serve its passengers who want to combine biking with their train or rail trip. 30th Street Station should be able to accommodate all users of its facility and needs ample, safe and high quality bicycle parking to better meet demand. The current condition is unbefitting of your third busiest rail station. Please address this situation as soon as possible by: 1) adding more high quality bike racks that meet City specifications to both sides of the station, 2) enforcing the City’s sidewalk and bike parking regulations, and 3) promptly removing abandoned bicycles.

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