The Checkup: The Essential Total-Body Toning Move You’re Not Doing



• Okay, okay, so you’ve got the plank (and its endless variations) down pat. Good job! But here’s another total-body-toning move you should add to your rotation. Like, STAT. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• All Greek yogurt is not created equal. Don’t believe me? Check out these six myths about Greek yogurt (then go read your food labels, for the love). [Prevention]

• Why runners don’t get knee arthritis. Wait, whaaaaaa? [New York Times]

• Next time you shop for produce, don’t toss aside the apples or pears that have a few bruises. The less-perfect produce may, in fact, be more nutritious. [Washington Post]

• Color me jealous: Boston residents get to take advantage of a pretty “light forest” for outdoor workouts this month. Want! [Well + Good NYC]