The Checkup: Science-Backed Tips for Avoiding and Curing Hangovers

• Happy almost weekend! If you’re planning on hitting the bar tonight or tomorrow (or both), read this first: a foolproof, science-backed guide for avoiding hangovers. Seriously—the You of the future will thank you for this. [Greatist]

• You know when you’re a half mile from the finish line, or 10 reps from the end of a CrossFit W.O.D., or 20 plyos from the end of a Lithe class, and you just feel like you can’t, won’t, and will no-way-in-Hades make it to the end? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Try memorizing one of these 41 inspiring quotes from runners, and the next time you feel like you’re hitting a wall, maybe that mantra will be just the thing to get you through. [Thought Catalog]

• September is National Pain Awareness Month (who knew, right?), so I thought this would be particularly relevant: all the pain myths you’ve ever heard, busted by a local doctor. [Einstein Health]

Tofu is not scary! Really! And you (yes, even you) can make delicious things out of it. This very useful tofu primer will get you started. [Food52]

• This is a direct order from the First Lady of the United States: Drink more water. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

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