The Checkup: 18 Fun Running Workouts That’ll Make You Love Running Again

• No siree! Running doesn’t have to be all “point A, point B, rinse, repeat.” There are actually all kinds of different workouts you can do that involve running and a little something extra. Don’t believe me? Click through to see 18 terrific running-workout ideas guaranteed to have you rethinking all your “I don’t want to run today” excuses. [Greatist]

• Oh, hey. The U.S. is the 17th—out of 156—happiest country in the world, according to a new U.N. report. That’s something to smile about! [USA Today]

• Here’s a recipe for healthy, homemade nut butter breakfast bars. Go. Make them immediately. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Finally! Someone explains the difference between all those kinds of onions at the grocery store, and how and when to use them in recipes. [BuzzFeed]

• Uh, this seems like a long-time coming: a new fitness-wear brand that blends the best of Lululemon (read: quality) with the best of Target (read: low prices). [Refinery29]

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