The Checkup: 10 Healthy Foods Always to Have in Your Freezer

• Fact: Having a well-stocked freezer can save you from many a “Ugh, we’re out of food, I guess we should order pizza” nights. Here, a nutritionist breaks down the top 10 foods she always keeps on ice. Watch and learn. [MindBodyGreen]

• Uh, what? A new study found that the higher a woman’s IQ, the less she wants to have kids. [Boston Magazine]

• ‘Fess up: How many bad running habits are you guilty of? Click through to learn how to break ’em for good. [Runner’s World]

• Here are some solid tips if you’re thinking about starting up a high-intensity exercise program. (Insanity, anyone?) [Believe@Magee]

• This is both cute and useful! Whole Foods is crowdsourcing tips from parents for how to get kids to eat healthy. [Whole Foods Market’s Facebook page]

Photo: Shutterstock