Experts Share Best Anti-Aging Trick Ever

Surprise! It's exercise.

Did you catch the fascinating new story from Newsweek, which ponders whether lengthening human life significantly—indefinitely, even—might be possible in our lifetime? It’s a really interesting Q&A with two thought leaders on the subject: one, a physician named Walter Bortz, who’s made it his life goal to unlock the biological mysteries of aging, and the other, a PhD named Aubrey de Grey, who has some big ideas on how far to-be-developed technology could take us in terms of anti-aging, and how long such technologies could actually, physically lengthen our lives.

The interview is an interesting read in its own right, but if you only have time to read one line of it, make it this:

[Bortz’s] “thesis,” as he calls it, is that exercise is the key to extending the human life span. “We know enough to live 100 healthy years,” Bortz says, “but we screw it up.”

I knew it! I’m sure you did, too.

And there’s more. Read this, from the Q&A:

Newsweek: Is there anything we can we do, in the short term, to live longer?Bortz: Change behavior. Exercise is the current anti-aging process. The most powerful thing we can do today is to get people to take a walk. How do you do that? That’s the frontier. I want a biomarker for fitness. I think that America is a whorehouse. It does what pays. So if we could reward someone like me, an 83-year-old marathoner, with a lower premium—that’s the single biggest public-health opportunity in front of us today. I’m focused on, how do I get America to walk? To me that’s a tangible, proven thing.

De Grey: At the moment, there is far too much emphasis on treatment and far too little on prevention. Essentially the psychology of addressing aging now revolves around waiting until people are already sick and then doing your best to fix them up for as long as you can—which isn’t very long. It’s pathetic.

Which leads me to my biggest question of the day: How have you moved your body today? Did you work out this morning? Have plans to tonight? And most important, how do you stay motivated to move, even when all you want to do is veg out on the couch? Share in the comments, please.

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