Ick: Your Purse Might Contain More Germs than a Toilet

Ladies, you've got to read about this new study.

A purse is like another limb to us ladies, and after reading this study I might start sanitizing mine more often. Either that, or I’m switching to a brown paper bag to carry all my earthy belongings.

A study conducted by British company Initial Washroom Hygiene found that on average, one in five handbags contain enough bacteria to “pose a threat to human health,” and 20 percent of handbags have more bacteria than the average toilet. Yikes!

Since bags are rarely cleaned and in constant contact with a plethora of surfaces, they become a playground for bacteria. Leather bags, in particular, are a big culprit for housing bacteria because their soft, porous texture soaks up germs like a sponge. What’s more, the study revealed that the dirtiest product carried within a purse is hand cream. So in other words, nothing is safe.

Before you freak out, there’s an easy remedy: Just be good about washing your hands and sanitizing the inside of your bag frequently. Antibacterial wipes and handbag cleaners should work just fine. And of course, a few spritzes of Lysol certainly can’t hurt.

Photo: Shutterstock