Hotel Monaco Now Offering Lithe Method Classes

I tried it out this morning!

This morning I got up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. As I’ve said on this blog before, I am not a morning-workout person. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. End of story.

But this morning I beat all odds and actually got myself out bed at said ungodly hour (go me!) to get my very tired self over to the Hotel Monaco for a 6:30 a.m. Lithe Method class. That’s right, folks—Lithe Method is officially at the Monaco, offering classes every Wednesday morning. They’re calling it “Lithe on Location” because, as Lithe purists (*ahem Carrie Denny and Christy Speer Lejeune ahem*) can see in the photo above, the set up doesn’t exaaaactly resemble a true-blue Lithe Method class. For one thing, there are no bands hanging from the ceiling. And for another, no one’s wearing trash-bag diapers. But no matter—instructor Tiffany Nork assured me that the adapted version of the studio’s Stems class would still kick my butt in the way only a Lithe class could. And so, it did.

Our class took place outdoors at the Monaco’s rooftop Stratus Lounge. I’m told it’s usually held in one of the hotel’s ballrooms, but since the ballroom was booked for an event, they moved us to the roof. I told them to keep it there. The fresh air was awesome, and it was neat to listen to the city wake up below us.

The hourlong class included a cardio sequence that felt like a cheerleading routine (classic Lithe), plus leg work, arm work, and standing and seated ab work. The three of us students struggled to keep up, but Tiffany—who’s eight months pregnant, by the way—made it look like a piece of cake. Something to aspire to, for sure.

Lithe on Location is part of Hotel Monaco’s wellness program, which includes in-room yoga mats, a mat “roll-out service” (like turn-down, except for your yoga mat—ha ha!), and a Thursday morning boxing class. “By having these two very different and incredibly effective fitness classes at our hotel, we’re bringing the best of Philly fitness under our roof and directly to our guests,” says general manager Nick Gregory.

The Lithe class is free for hotel guests and is open to local Kimpton Inner Circle and InTouch Members, too (the first class is on the house). All you have to do is call the hotel by 8 p.m. the night before to reserve your spot.