Chipotle Is Trying Out a Tofu Burrito

The fast-food Mexican grill will test a new shredded tofu burrito filling in San Francisco locations next month. Will the "sofritas" make it to Philly?

Photo by flickr user Paul Heaberlin

What took them so long? Chipotle, almost everyone’s favorite fast-food Mexican joint (Qdoba? Pssht.), is making moves to win the hearts of vegetarians everywhere with its newest burrito filling, tofu. Yes, you read that correctly. Starting next month, the chain will make a tofu-burrito option available in San Francisco restaurants, with a nationwide rollout planned if the tofu is a hit.

Of course, it’s not a completely selfless move on Chipotle’s part: the rising meat costs is one of the primary factors in the chain’s steps toward tofu. It also doesn’t hurt that this will surely pull at the heartstrings of a demographic Chipotle desperately needs to impress—vegetarians.

The shredded tofu filling, braised with roasted tomatoes, chipotle sauce and poblano peppers, has been endearingly named “sofritas.” It remains to be seen whether or not we’ll be able to get our tofu-burrito on here in Philly. Let’s all hope  San Franciscans embrace “sofritas”  so we can get a crack at them here. It could happen, right?

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