The Checkup: Fresh Fruit Is America’s Favorite Snack, Survey Finds

Sing it with me: we like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananaaaaas.

• Well, this is a pleasant surprise. A new survey by market-research firm NDP found that Americans are seriously digging fresh fruit these days, so much so that it’s now our #1 go-to snack food, ahead of chocolate and potato chips. As the Los Angeles Times reports, “Over the course of a year, Americans snacked on fresh fruit an average of 10 times more than they snacked on chocolate and 25 times more than they snacked on potato chips.” Snacking apparently comprised 20 percent of our “eating occasions,” according to the survey, while breakfast accounts for 28 percent, lunch for 25 percent, and dinner for 27 percent. Interestingly, we’re now eating more snacks in the morning than we used to, while our afternoon and evening snacking has held steady. Maybe it’s all those reports touting the importance of a.m. meals? Check out a free summary of the NDP report here (PDF alert).

• Yes, Pap smears are uncomfortable, ladies, but they may soon be useful for more than just cervical-cancer detection: in a new study, researchers were able to use a Pap smear to detect uterine and ovarian cancers, as well. So … it’s necessary evil? The New York Times has more.

• Aw, man: Turns out that just because you cut your kids’ screen time doesn’t mean they’ll substitute all that sitting with serious physical activity. New research found that kids who spend less time in front of screens don’t necessarily get more exercise. If only it were that simple! (But really, we all knew it couldn’t be.) More here.