The Checkup: How Lots of Philly Marathoners Are Feeling Today (Video)

Proud? Yes. Accomplished? Yes. Sore and tired? Absolutely.

• Congrats to all the Philadelphia Marathon runners! I bet you woke up this morning feeling pretty darn proud of your amazing accomplishment. I can just picture it: Your alarm went off, you opened your eyes, and you thought to yourself, “Oh, snap. I ran a marathon yesterday. Go me!” Then you swung your legs over the side of the bed and took your first trembling steps the day after the big race. That’s when it hit you: “Oh, snap. My calves, hamstrings and quads are seeeeeriously tight.” Don’t worry—you weren’t the only one who hobbled to work this morning. Check out the hilarious video below for some, um, solidarity. And then it’s right back to basking in that marathon afterglow.

• Uhh not to damper the mood too much, but check out this terrifying lede: “All 364 children in a recent study of food-borne toxin exposure exceeded cancer benchmarks for arsenic, dieldrin, DDE, and dioxins.” Read more here.

• How many calories can you expect to consume eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? The New York Times sleuths it out.