The Checkup: Philly Is the Top Sweatpants-Buying City in the U.S.

It's all the physical activity we do, right? Right?!

• Much to the chagrin of our chic lifestyle editor, Emily Goulet, a new study found that Philly is the top city for sweatpants-buying in the U.S. In fact, this is our second year to win the honor. Also in the top 10 are Hartford, Connecticut (#2), Pittsburgh (#3) and, surprisingly, New York and LA (#7 and #8 respectively). While our first-place ranking may have more to do with our love of lounging in comfort than anything else (sweatpants are the perfect choice for stuffing yourself silly with wings and beer on game day, after all), I’m choosing to believe it’s because we love physical activity so very, very much here in Philly. Yeah, that’s totally what it is.

• I cannot think of a worse study to participate in than this: one in which U.K. researchers subjected subjects to a variety of unpleasant sounds in order to determine the most awful sound ever. The winner? A knife scraping against a glass bottle. *Shudder.*

• Note to self: If you’re ever going to rob a jewelry store by grabbing an expensive bracelet then running, make sure the country’s top triathlete isn’t working the counter that day. Because he will chase you, and you will be caught—very quickly. This guy should know.