5 Ways to Work Out Outdoors This Week

Here's how to enjoy this amazing weather.

Good lord it’s lovely today—and (hooray!) it’s supposed to stay this way all week long. If you’re jonesing to take advantage of the beautiful weather, here are five activities that’ll have you sweating in the sunshine.

Conquer the Rocky Steps: The Rocky Steps workout is almost as classic as the cheesesteak in these parts, but can you think of a better place than the Art Museum to take in the views and good weather? This 10-exercise workout, designed by local trainer Holly Waters, will work you hard from head to toe.

Race in Wissahickon: On Thursday evening, the Wissahickon Wanderers Running Club will host its second (of four) fun-run races in Wissahickon Valley Park. If you’re training for a race this fall (ahem, Philly Marathoners), these informal three-to-five-mile trail races are a great way to get your speed work in for the week. Bonus: The races are free.

Run with Friends: There’s no better way to make new friends (and find same-pace running buddies) than to join a running club. There are groups that set off from locations throughout the region. Check out our list of 16 good ones.

Run Solo: If you’re more the solitary runner type, may we recommend one of our five favorite outdoor runs?

Try a Boot Camp: I got my butt kicked a few months ago when I tried an outdoor boot camp for the first time. I joined the crew over at Relentless Fitness, but there are tons of other options in the area, so it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule.

>> How will you take advantage of the amazing weather this week? Share your favorite outdoor workout spots and tips in the comments!