How the Internet Got Hilarious After SCOTUS Ruling

It didn't take long for the GIFs to get made. Here are the best memes, cartoons and more after the Supreme Court's health care decision.

As I type this, we’re just six hours out from this morning’s landmark Supreme Court decision green-lighting President Obama’s health care reform law. Proving that way too many of us have way too much time on our hands, lots of hilarious internet memes, GIFs, and cartoons have already started cropping up. Even the New Yorker weighed in, with a column on how conservatives can claim victory. (Hint: The justices were dressed in super conservative garb!)

Here are more of my favorites below. Share yours in the comments!

Via When SCOTUS Upheld Obamacare Tumblr

Via Affordable Care Cat Tumblr

Via People Who Say They’re Moving to Canada Because of Obamacare on BuzzFeed

Via BuzzFeed


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