Celeb Pulse: Justin Bieber Trains with Mike Tyson, Beats Up Photog

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Justin Bieber Trains with Mike Tyson, Gets into Altercation with Photographer. And we thought Canadians were supposed to be nice. Last week boxer Mike Tyson tweeted photos of Bieber swinging by his place to “hit the bag.” Bieber’s exposure to all that extra masculinity (Tyson’s testosterone levels have to got be through the roof) must have sparked a bit of aggression. A few days later Beiber was accused of getting in a fight with a paparazzo attempting to snap a photo of him and GF Selena Gomez. According to TMZ, witnesses on the scene (Beliebers) said that Bieber did not incite anything. [Huffington Post]

Beyonce Loses 60 Pounds of Baby Weight, Gets “Chocolate Wasted.” Since the birth of Blue Ivy in January, new mom Beyonce Knowles has dropped 60 pounds. In case you’re keeping score, that’s 12 pounds a month, folks. Even with her self-proclaimed lettuce-and-treadmill regimen, I’m not sure how this is possible. I’ll admit I began to question her humanity, but after hearing her plans to get “chocolate wasted,” I got distracted. I’m not entirely sure what such an activity entails but it sounds like a good time. Beyonce, let’s be friends. [Us Weekly]

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Overcomes Body Image Troubles, Sticks It to The Man. After taking flack about her “fat” post-Olympic bod during season eight of Dancing with the Stars (newsflash: this chick was NEVER fat!!!), and then getting more media attention for losing 25 pounds during recent training for London—a lot for her 4’9″ figure—the 20-year-old Olympic gold-medalist Shawn Johnson decided to show the media who’s boss. In a recent blog post, she discussed the emotional rollercoaster of body image issues she’s been riding since she was an itty-bitty baby gymnast. Can you believe that after standing on the medal podium in Beijing, she said thought about how it could have gone better if she were just a few pounds lighter? Since then, the girl has learned to accept her super-hot, super-fit bod the way it is. [ESPNW]

Jillian Michaels Is Swimming in Babies! The former Biggest Loser trainer has won big this time. In early May, her partner Heidi Rhoades delivered a healthy baby boy, Phoenix, just days before Michaels flew to Haiti to officially adopt her daughter, Lukensia, after a two-year process. After years of telling mothers to put themselves and their fitness goals first, Michaels told Self about how her fitness (and showering) priorities had shifted since falling in love with the two-year-old. “Looking back, I realized those mothers I’d previously lectured must have thought I was an idiot,” she said. Ya think? Cute picture alert: Michaels and Lukensia hit the beach. [E! Online]

Elton John Recovers After Health Scare. The 65-year-old megastar was hospitalized in L.A. two weeks ago after developing a serious respiratory infection and was forced to cancel a week’s worth of shows. According to his partner, John is doing “incredibly well and recovering.” Just in the nick of time, too: John is slated to join Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue and other fabulous Brits to perform for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert on Monday, and his European Tour begins on Friday. [E! Online]