Billionaire Warren Buffett Has Prostate Cancer

He says doctors tell him it's not "remotely life-threatening."

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett told shareholders on Tuesday that he’s been diagnosed with Stage 1 prostate cancer. “The good news is that I’ve been told by my doctors that my condition is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way,” he wrote in a letter.

The 81-year-old billionaire said he received his diagnosis a week ago; subsequent tests revealed that the cancer hasn’t spread to any other part of his body. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. It’s also the second leading cause of cancer death among American men.

Buffett says his course of treatment will include two months of radiation to begin in mid-July. He adds, “I feel great—as if I were in my normal excellent health—and my energy level is 100 percent.” Doctors discovered the cancer after his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels suddenly increased.

Forbes lists Buffett third on its international billionaires list, and second in the U.S. Although his net worth is estimated at $44 billion, he’s probably best known for his philanthropy, as he’s pledged to give away 99 percent of his lifetime fortune to good causes. Last year, Buffett gave away $42 million in his company’s stocks to eight charities.