The Checkup: Is Your Doctor Hitting on You?

A new survey found that some doctors ask patients out on online dating sites.

• Wouldn’t it be weird to go see your doctor for, I don’t know, some bizarre skin condition or something, and then the next day receive an email from him (or her, to be fair) asking you out on a date? A recent survey of state medical boards found that some doctors are doing just that—asking patients out over online dating sites. And that, my friends, is an ethical no-no. Other seemingly unprofessional online behavior includes prescribing medication (that one could actually be pretty handy, if prescriptions could be emailed to you) and overstating medical credentials, according to USA Today.

• Another hypothetical: What if doctors could predict heart attacks? With a new blood test, they just might be able to. HealthDay reports.

• Check out this interesting work with brain scans, which may have uncovered a clue as to how Alzheimer’s disease spreads.