The Checkup: Buh-Bye, King-Size Snickers

Mars is trying to cut calories—which means the king-size candy bar is out.

Photograph courtesy of Mars

• By the end of 2013, Snickers, Milky Way and all other Mars candies will be under (or right at) 250 calories. NPR reports that in keeping with its goal, Mars will can its king-size confections and replace them with bags containing a few smaller candy bars, so you can more easily share your treat or, at least, save some for later. If the Mars system doesn’t work for you, here’s what my husband and I have worked out:

Him: “Do you want me to grab you a candy bar from Wawa?”

Me: “No, I’m fine.”

{He returns with a Butterfinger for himself.}

Me: “Oh, can I have a bite?”

I’m on to something, I tell ya.

• Remember how the Heart Attack Grill was a bad idea when we first talked about it last fall? The AP is reporting that someone actually had a heart attack there. And since that’s, well, sort of the schtick—the waitstaff dress like doctors and nurses and customers order off a menu with items like the Triple Bypass burger—a lot of people didn’t realize the man’s heart attack was the real deal.

• Here’s what’s making you fat now, America: BPA and all those “hormone-scrambling” chemicals we put in our bodies. (I’d still wager the super size French fries still have a little something to do with it, though.)