Top Dentists 2012: Philly Foods to Avoid

Which local foods are wreaking havoc on your teeth? Hint: Not cheese steaks. Here are the goodies dentists hate most.

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Soft Pretzels
Apparently, carbs are as bad for your teeth as they are for your love handles.



Wawa Iced Tea
With all that citric acid, you’re in the dental danger zone.




Tastykake Jelly Krimpets
Your enemy here: all that tooth-rotting  sugar. Double shame: chasing one with a Frank’s Black Cherry Wishniak soda.



Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy
The sticky factor keeps the taffy in your mouth too long. Especially perilous for the braces set.


Rita’s Italian Ice
“Philly water’s fine; Rita’s water ice—not,” says Rittenhouse Square dentist Kathryn Ames.