10 Terrible Gift Ideas

Yes, this fitness equipment actually exists. And no, you shouldn't add them to your holiday shopping list.

Shake Weight
Forget push-ups and bicep curls. Who needs them when you can desperately cling to this spastic runaway dumbbell instead? Toned arms in no time!


Dumbbell Phone
In Japan, where this handy tool was created, you can opt to pay for a personal fitness trainer to call you at set intervals, ensuring your new equipment doesn’t go to waste. Remember to alternate arms for an equal number of reps when answering, though. Wouldn’t want lopsided guns.

OSIM iGallop
This person got it right when she (or he) said, “You KNOW this fitness gadget was invented by a man.”


Bust Blaster
I’d tell you how this is supposed to work, but I can’t figure it out either.



Treadmill Bike
Perfect for those days when you want to enjoy the great outdoors without getting your sneaks dirty. Don’t forget your helmet!


Inversion Stretch
Don’t worry, that lightheaded feeling is just the stress and fatigue rushing away from you.


Reebok toning sneakers
As revealed in a recent lawsuit, the company’s claims that these sneakers boost leg strength are just plain false. Maybe try Skechers?


SuperSwim Pro
Scared of the deep end? Just tether yourself to the shallow side of the pool for an effective and safe workout.


Leg Magic Ultra
The fastest way to get toned thighs with the least movement possible. I’m sure the accompanying workout DVD is bursting with great routines.


Head Harness
It only looks like a torture device. Strap this sucker on and you’ll have a Thor-sized neck in no time.