The Check-Up: Apples Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

Plus, more kids are taking meds accidentally, and you might have a drinking problem (your grandmother thinks so)—today's health headlines

• I’ll admit it: I’m sometimes bad about eating fruit. It’s delicious, yes, but I just sometimes … forget. Maybe this study will help me remember: It links white-flesh fruits and veggies like apples, pears and cauliflower to a decreased risk of stroke. “Participants who consumed 171 grams of white-fleshed produce daily — the equivalent of one medium to large apple — were 52 percent less likely to have suffered a stroke than people who ate less than 78 grams of white produce. Overall, for every 25 grams of white fruit consumed each day, participants saw a 9 percent reduction in stroke risk,” reports TIME. So yes, an apple a day might actually keep the doctor away. (Groan—you knew that was coming.)

• Parents, you need to lock your meds up good and tight. MSNBC has a story on an increase in the number of kids going to the emergency room after accidentally ingesting medication. In seven years, the number of hospital admissions related to these sorts of cases has risen 36 percent, while ER visits are up 28 percent. And we’re talking kids 5 and younger, people. Now, go find a padlock, please.

• Oh, and apparently? We have a drinking problem—at least, compared to our parents and grandparents.