Killer Combo Classes

Get two-for-one results with fitness classes that blend moves from two disciplines into a single workout

Piloxing blends Pilates and boxing moves into one super-sized workout.

Tired of your fitness routine? Say it with me: variety. Here are three classes at local gyms that blend tried-and-true moves from multiple disciplines into a single (and super fun!) workout. Your body will thank you for the change-up.

Pilates + Boxing = Piloxing
Helps you burn fat without bulking up.
Intoxx Gym, 123 Leverington Avenue, Manayunk, 215-483-4030.

Yoga + Spinning = YeS
Builds strength, endurance and flexibility with time on the mat and bike.
Focus Fitness, 1111 East Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, 610-525-5515.

Kettlebells + Pilates = Kepilates
Torch fat while sculpting lean muscle.
ShapelyGirl Fitness, 2439 South Broad Street, 267-773-7346.